Wildflowers at Vineyard Gardens

Wildflowers at Vineyard Gardens

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photographs installed at Attune Health in Beverly Hills

Dr. Swamy Venuturupalli invited me to install a range of images from my book, “Morning Light” in his newly opened clinic on Wilshire and Robertson in Beverly Hills. 

A fantastic opportunity to see this series in print and in a completely different environment.

We also chose to place several images from my recent experiments/sketches in reflected modules, “Mirror Series”.

A bold decision on Dr. Swamy’s part since we don’t know where this inquiry will lead. 

For the most part we’re happy with the work in the space. Only time will tell.

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travel test: posting

this page has been long neglected, i’m sorry about that, i’ll try to do better. cheers

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let the show begin

 I’ve always wanted matches as my business card, now I’ve got them!

Dr.K  Plantsman 

Landscape Consulting and Design 

508-560-4727. #kkurman



Site Assements and Solutions

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moving days

moving. again. 

it’s been a pattern of life for me, as much as I seek to reform.

I should take as my emblem a hermit crab, reclusive yet restless, adapting to change through assimilation. 

in times like these I’m exposed and vulnerable. maybe tomorrow I’ll be safe, this is my faith. 

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today in the garden

leopard slug!

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Dahlias in the rain

much welcome rain overnight and this morning has brought fresh color to the nursery…

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