Profile and Synopsis sample:

Amanda Seyfried was born December 3rd 1985 in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Seyfried took a traditional route to stardom, starting out as a model at age 11. That led to un-credited appearances in ‘the Soaps’ and then to a regular spot as ‘Lucy’ on AS THE WORLD TURNS.   Then came Veronica Mars (2004-06) that led to a lead role in 56 episodes of BIG LOVE on HBO.

Her breakthrough in movies, even though she had already made a few smaller films, came with MAMMA MIA (2008) where she sang and danced her way into everyone’s heart.

Amanda has garnered many awards mostly for ‘New Talent’ and ‘Most Beautiful New Star’. She has been on the cover of Vanity Fair twice and on People Magazine’s ‘Most Beautiful’ list for two years’ running.

She comes across as a very nice, well-balanced young lady who knits and loves her dog, a stark contrast to her contemporary co-star, and legendary emotional train wreck, Lindsay Lohan.

Amanda is one of the hottest new faces in Hollywood right now and has several new projects coming down the pike.

As far as we know she’s not seeing anyone regularly right now but most recently she’s been spied around town with Ryan Phillippe, ex-spouse-of-Reese Witherspoon, and star of the up-coming THE LINCOLN LAWYER, (which he’s really good in!)




RED RIDING HOOD, Amanda Seyfried’s new movie with director Catherine Hardwicke, of TWILIGHT fame, puts a modern spin on the traditional fairy tale. Set in a medieval forest village the whole thing has the feel of a teen-horror, ‘B’ movie of the Ed Wood genre, see; PLAN NINE FROM OUTER SPACE, destined for cult status.  The picture marks the appearance of two new young stars to watch, the smoldering woodsman, Shiloh Fernandez and Max Irons, son of the inimitable Jeremy Irons, who plays the good boy Seyfried’s character is betrothed to marry. Gary Oldman, as usual, delivers a powerful performance as a ware-wolf hunter. The picture revolves around Seyfried and she’s really good at being both suspect, and bait! You won’t be safe ’till the waning of the blood moon!

The movie brought in $14 million upon release, making it #3 for box office this weekend.

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