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Dear Justin,

Thanks for askin’.

I would love to start contributing to MoveOn again.
I had stopped because I felt that it was no longer out ahead of political action,
But just reacting to conservative attacks.
I was, and am, demoralized and feeling disenfranchised.
I have felt that we, supposedly the smart ones, hadn’t looked at the map
Before setting out on our righteous campaign.
Defensive tactics without an aggressive strategy.

I am feeling old, tired and financially tapped out.
I am an artist who has watched the lifeblood of our country being
drawn out of circulation over these last thirty years of ‘The Conservative Epoch’.

I used to be a fighter, back in the day.
From the late sixties, with the anti-war, pro-environment movements,
Through the seventies with post-Stonewall, pro-choice movements.
Then there was Reagan. The “…I will put you down!” president.
Save for a brief glimmer of Clintonian reason, I have watched
America become the victim of a hostile take-over,
orchestrated in the boardrooms of a handful of international media behemoths.
The most highly evolved propaganda program ever imposed upon a population.

Its not like we didn’t see it coming.
Didn’t ‘NETWORK’ and Gil Scott Heron’s “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised!”
Come out around the same time?
Television has become our Coliseum, democracy just enables us to elect our Gladiators.
It is not even ironic that our journalists are sportscasters.

We were blessed that Obama came along when he did. He is a great man, with great aspirations.
But he was thrown naked into the arena, and left abandoned.
His supporters, once he was placed in office, went home to have a beer and watch ‘The Apprentice’.

The other day I heard a commentator, or reporter (is there even a distinction any more?) on NPR
blithely, and in passing, as though it was a given, declare that it was not expected that the Dems,
our team’, would be regaining the House or a greater majority in the Senate.
Oh, really? I thought. This came as real news to me and it wasn’t even the subject of her report.

This is where I throw my hands up in despair.
I am too old to be fighting these fights. It should be up to you kids to shape and frame the argument.
Once it has become a given, you have lost the ground.

Our honored President has been declaring lately that America does big things.
I believe he believes that, ‘cause I believe that too. Or at least I have.
But big things are not done by small thinkers, by reactive thinkers. What was the R.F. Kennedy quote?
“Some men see things as they are, and say ‘Why?’ — I dream of things that never were, and say, ‘Why not?'”

I have a lot of ideas of things that should be doing, but that shouldn’t be left up to me.
You guys need to formulate a more aggressive strategy and get to it.
I’m ready to be a foot soldier in battles that are preemptive, but not in running sorties to reclaim lost ground.

You have my blessings on your house, now get out there and “Win the Future”.



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