Talk of the Town! 12

kkurman, on the beat.  20 Feb ’12

         As far as movies go, nothing really significant is released during the Award Season. The period between The Golden Globe’s in early January and the Academy Awards at the end of February is traditionally a no-man’s-zone for ‘contenders’. Spring releases are just not remembered when it comes to nomination time in December. its easy to get confused about when something was released when all the focus is on the previous year’s films. Right now people are generally trying to catch up by going to see the movies that were winners of Golden Globes and are nominated for Oscar’s that you may have missed when they were in theatres, like, THE ARTIST, THE DESCENDANTS or DRIVE.

There is a lot happening though. This is the time of new Television roll-outs, which, as we have seen, is not the TV of ten or even five years ago. Pay cable and satellite stations are providing independent production companies with big budgets to launch lavish, serialized productions with big name stars and directors. The paradigm shift is in full swing. Carriers like HBO, Showtime, AMC and Starz are in stiff competition for content. Even Netflix and PBS (Public Broadcasting System) are moving in on the territory, as evidenced by Netfilx’s up-coming HOUSE OF CARDS with Kevin Spacey and Masterpiece Theatre’s DOWNTON ABBEY with Elizabeth McGovern, Maggie Smith and countless Emmy, Golden Globe and BAFTA award’s to their credit. As we gather at friend’s houses to plan our Oscar parties, we’re eagerly anticipating the next episode of HBO‘s LUCK with Dustin Hoffman, Dennis Farina and Nick Nolte or rolling on the floor laughing at the new season of SHAMELESS with William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum on Showtime. And the season is just warming up, more on that as they happen…

Between the Globe’s and the Oscar’s come the Grammy’s which this year was marred by the shocking news of the passing of Whitney Huston, so sad. The media coverage has been more like saturation, which begs a comment on our modern tabloid culture. The media today loves to hound celebrities when they’re on top of their game, they pursue them when they struggle with the pressures of fame, ignores them when they’re down and revels in mourning them when they succumb. Its a tragic arc that no one can be proud of. May her soul rest in peace and glory for her gifts that she gave so freely of and kept so little for herself.

Coming up we’re looking forward to the much anticipated epic THE HUNGER GAMES with our beloved Jennifer Lawrence and well, a huge cast including Woody Harrelson, Wes Bentley (AMERICAN BEAUTY), award winning Stanly Tucci and none other than rock legend, Lenny Kravitz. Also coming up is the light fantasy tale, MIRROR, MIRROR with Julia Roberts and Armie Hammer and the launch of the new season of MAD MEN for AMC. So stay tuned…

A last word goes to Fredrick Wiseman the intrepid documentary filmmaker who, at 72, just released his latest film, CRAZY HORSE. Wiseman is a filmmaker’s filmmaker. Because he maintains tight control over his output, you pretty much have to go to the theatre to see them, which is very much to his credit. His most famous titles might be, TITICUT FOLLIES (1967), HIGH SCHOOL (1968), CANAL ZONE (1977), the disturbing HOSPITAL (1970) and many, many more… Wiseman is known for his dispassionate observation of human interaction and an almost Dickensonian political conscience. This latest film goes behind the scenes of the legendary Parisian burlesque club, Crazy Horse. Not only do we get to meet the creative team that design and perform the intricate staging and choreography that beguile men and women alike but we are treated to complete numbers in performance. It is a beautiful film that allows the artistry of the subject to dominate over the precise craftsmanship behind the construction of the document. Simply perfection.

That’s it for now, every day brings a new adventure so ’till then, See ya’, Salam, Alikum!


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