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A catch-all for projects devoted to The Mohamed Ali Dynasty and scribblings related to current affairs.

Egypt’s Lost Dynasty – Part 1

In 2006 Aida Takla and I embarked on a journey that seemed perfectly innocent at the time but quickly became an adventure of discovery quite beyond what either of us could have imagined. Aida is originally from Egypt. When we … Continue reading

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Report from Tahir

I asked my friend who is an Egyptian historian and lives just blocks from Tahir Sq. if he had heard that Mubarak was stepping down. This was his reply… “Yes, we heard this too, I literally just came back from … Continue reading

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Report from the Front

Our friend and collaborator in Cairo has been able, now with the internet turned back on, to send a message about what they are experiencing there in the thick of downtown Cairo. I won’t share his name but suffice to … Continue reading

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